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The St Barth Evasion team will assist you in organizing your customized trip. We will take care of everything from your home to your arrival on the island.

Want a day of shopping in New York, a beautiful getaway in Miami or a short stopover under the sun in another Caribbean destination? A stopover on our turquoise island is a must!

According to your desires, we design for you the trip of your dreams. Kill two birds with one stone and take the opportunity to allow yourself a stopover on the way to or from Saint Barth.

The island and its secrets

and its panoramas

Saint Barth is the tropical island par excellence. Immaculate white sandy beaches, turquoise water at least 26 degrees, panoramas surprising by their diversity.

Our small island is full of wonders, each more beautiful than the other, salt marshes, natural pools, rocky points, cliffs and caves thousands of years old.

It is not uncommon to find a turtle lazing in the sun at the bend in a rock, alongside surprising and colourful vegetation, wild orchids and garnet red hibiscus.

The island has many hiding places that we will be happy to show you.

35 years of escape

Your trip
made to measure

For 35 years, St Barth Evasion travel agency has been the architect of your most beautiful emotions on the island of St Barthélemy.

We look forward to making your desires a daydream.

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What to do in St Barths

Saint Barthélemy can be lived to the rhythm of all your desires, a shopping session to please yourself, to surpass yourself with a sports coach, or simply to live the present moment.

Staying in St Barths

Between a haven for jet-setters and a Robinson in the making, the island of Saint Barthelemy offers an exceptional range of unique and fabulous hotels and boutique hotels.


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